Текст песни группы Guano Apes - Crossing The Deadline - Proud Like a God (1997)

(Guano Apes Crossing The Deadline - Original Song Lyrics)


Guano Apes - Crossing The Deadline - оригинальный текст песни с альбома группы Guano Apes - Proud Like a God (1997)


The sand, the sand it covers the land
it's just a victim
you didn't stop it
high noon and the walk brings the storm with it
born to it or lay on it

Day on day, night on night
with the thrill of a kid on my side
I will survive
As long as this trip will go
with my soul

I search for water
you need the cold
bring me some bubbles and a crown of gold
crossing the deadline befor it's too late
the finger snaps to the center of anger, wait

Cross the line you will suffer
(no bridge, just one step)
Cross the line...
(no bridge, no way back)
Cross the line...
(better give, better stand up)
Cross the line...
(better give up, better shut up)

So where's the mountain
I can't reach the top of this world


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